Unparalleled accuracy in trade surveillance software. Save hours spent examining data.


Avoid substantial fines.
All the monitoring features you need in one tool.

  • Layering
  • Spoofing
  • Insider Trading
  • Window Dressing
  • Marking the Close
  • Wash & Cross Trades
  • Order Imbalances
  • Trade Concentration

Surveyor offers


more data

Eliminate false-positives with data the competition doesn't offer.

Surveyor examines both orders and executions with full depth-of-book market data, and delivers concise lists of the most relevant events to review. Competing trade surveillance software just looks at level 1 data and orders, missing more than 95% of real activity.

"This is the easiest tool I've ever seen for looking at the microsecond data"

– Dave Nadig, CIO,

"I've got to say that Trillium Surveyor is way cool"

– Haim Bodek, Managing Principal, Decimus Capital Markets

More accurate filters. More intuitive analyses. Less time wasted.

Trade Surveillance

Trade Surveillance

Dramatically reduce false-positives, prevent fines, and save substantial review and remediation resources with Surveyor’s unsurpassed detection accuracy and intuitive display.

Smart Story Panel

Smart Story Panel

Get auto-generated stories from Surveyor, written in plain English with supporting graphics, that explains why detection filters flagged each event.

Event Trends

Event Trends

Isolate problematic trader accounts and symbols with Surveyor’s generated event trends, helping give context to each event of interest.

Position Curve

Position Curve

Instantly understand the context of trades and the opening and closing of positions with intuitive studio-designed visuals that show when positions increased or decreased.



Instantly generate and export data for regulatory inquiries without the need for technical assistance, pulling from your entire library of quote and print data, with over 20 different criteria filters.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Analyze all the evidence with Surveyor whether a challenged trading sequence was manipulative, and enlist our experienced professionals to advise or testify in support of Surveyor’s findings.

Get access to an expanding range of market coverage.

  • US Equities
  • Canada Equities
  • CME Futures

Upcoming markets include: ICE Futures, Eurex Futures, US Equity Options, and European Equities.

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