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Trillium's traders make split-second decisions to best allocate the firm's capital, based on what's happening in the market right now.

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"Over the years, there have been countless changes in the economy, the marketplace, and the structure of the stock market itself. Our traders, technology, and management have adapted quickly to every change. Throughout the years, Trillium has consistently provided me and the employees I've trained and managed with the resources to thrive and succeed."

- Brian I., trading since 1999


Traders at Trillium are fascinated by financial markets, driven to achieve, and do it all under intense time pressure. We provide all the necessary capital, training, tools, and support to make sure that your talent is fully realized.

"The decisions I make, and the conviction with which I make them, come from hundreds or even thousands of similar trades I've learned from after being here for six years. And I still have much more to learn. That's why I love this job — you are constantly learning, un-learning, re-relearning, and just being mentally agile all the time."

- Grayson F., trading since 2009


Our training program provides you the education you need to understand a complex trading environment, and the access to world-class experts who will help you achieve your potential.

The Trillium Education


Your training begins even before you start at Trillium. Prior to your start date, you will receive a detailed message from our Head Trader with tips and advice for how to hit the ground running when your start date arrives.


The first stage of training is a comprehensive program conducted in a formal classroom setting. You will learn the basics of trading and technical analysis and practice with a simulation of our trading platform.


You will be assigned, and work directly with, an experienced trader as a mentor. We also provide the necessary capital for you to start making trades under the guidance of your mentor.


Once your formal training is completed, you will continue to regularly interact with your assigned trainer, who will mentor you throughout your career. Some mentor-mentee relationships at Trillum are now entering their third decade.


We will provide you formal ongoing education, including training on new technology products, presentations by top traders, and educational compliance meetings on recent regulatory changes.


We're always looking for the next integral member of the Trillium team.

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