We sat down with Andrew, a trader with Trillium since 2009, to get to know him and learn more about trading and mentoring at Trillium.

Andrew, you’ve been at Trillium for a while. What drew you to working here?

Well, I graduated from Cornell University as a Government major, so I was a bit nervous about entering a finance-related profession, but the people at Trillium really made me feel at home. I really appreciate the camaraderie and teamwork-oriented culture we have here.

So what was it like to transition from college into trading?

My first year involved working with a mentor to understand the many complexities of the stock market and to begin building good strategies. I think the program is incredibly useful because I started to discover the strengths and weaknesses of my trading. That’s something essential for long-term success.

You mentioned the people making you feel at home. What did they do?

In addition to the training, I started getting to be friends with traders around me. We helped one another in forming good habits, building discipline, and finding positive strategies. I think anyone starting here will also discover that the intelligent, focused, and motivated group of traders we have is unparalleled.

That’s great. Aside from trading, what do you love to do?

Outside of work, I absolutely love playing golf.  The challenge of the game is what makes me addicted to the sport. It’s actually quite similar to trading, in that you never know what the day will bring!

Andrew is part of the trading team at Trillium. Visit our careers page to learn more about the culture and career opportunities within trading and other fields at Trillium.