We sat down with Michael, an engineer who has worked at Trillium since 2010, to get to know him and learn about building tech at Trillium.

Hi, Michael. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi. I’m a computer programmer who grew up in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey. As a kid, you would find me either playing a guitar, skateboarding, playing soccer, or obsessing over the latest video game. I became involved in programming computers after listening to a few family members, who were also software engineers, describe their careers. I was instantly interested and decided to enroll in the Computer Science program at NJIT. I currently live in Secaucus, New Jersey, where I spent most of my time programming, reading, and spending time with my family.

Sounds like you knew what you wanted to do. So what drew you to Trillium?

So I began my journey at the firm as an intern. It started during my junior year of college, when one of my math professors informed me about a programming internship opportunity at Trillium. After doing some research, I found the company and the industry to be very interesting. Needless to say, I was lucky enough to land a programming internship during the summer of 2011. I quickly saw that Trillium was filled with talented, motivated, and pragmatic technologists. And that’s exactly what I was looking for – a group that would challenge me to improve my programming skills. I came on full-time after graduation and have truly enjoyed my time here as an engineer.

And what about the group here do you appreciate the most?

I genuinely appreciate that we’re all extremely passionate about software engineering. When you work with a group of individuals who not only care about doing a great job but truly enjoy their work, it leaves you excited to walk into the building each morning. One of the great things about working on this team is that there are always new and interesting problems to solve at Trillium. This isn’t a place where you will be performing the same task daily; we’re constantly handed intriguing technical problems to solve and also challenged to improve previous solutions.

Can you describe some of those interesting challenges you and your team face?

I’ve particularly enjoyed the solutions we’ve found over time at Trillium. We’ve developed market manipulation detection filters, iPhone applications, REST APIs, web applications, and more. There are many new projects going on at the firm; it’s an exciting era.

That’s great to hear. How do you feel that you’ve developed since working here?

During the time I’ve been at Trillium, I’ve grown both on a professional and personal level. This comes from being constantly challenged to improve by senior management and our engineering group. I’ve met some great people here whom I now consider friends.

Michael is part of the engineering team at Trillium. Visit our careers page to learn more about the culture and career opportunities within trading and other fields at Trillium.