ICE, CFE, Eurex, Euronext markets added; Looping and Flickering detection filters added.

Trillium today announced a new slate of covered markets and new detection filters for its award-winning Surveyor trade surveillance platform.

Surveyor now supports surveillance of trading on ICE’s U.S. and European futures exchanges, the Cboe Futures Exchange, Eurex’s futures exchanges, and Euronext’s equity and index derivatives products.

Trillium also announced the release into production of two new detection filters, both targeted at abusive algorithmic trading. Surveyor’s new Looping filter detects instances where an algorithm repeatedly enters and cancels buy or sell orders at a single price within a short time interval, and Surveyor’s new Flickering filter detects instances where an algorithm repeatedly alternates entering and canceling buy or sell orders at multiple prices within a short time interval.

The new markets and filters complement Surveyor’s existing suite of disruptive and manipulative trading checks across other equities, options and futures markets in North America and Europe. Complete lists of Surveyor’s supported markets and filters are available at

“We are continuously adding new features to Surveyor and expanding its market coverage,” said Trillium CEO Barry Schwarz. “We are seeing strong demand for our next-generation trade surveillance tool. While the competitive landscape has consolidated, we remain committed to expanding Surveyor’s reach and making its award-winning features even better.”

Surveyor is marketed to sell-side and proprietary trading firms who actively trade listed equities, futures, and options. It was recently named Best Regulatory Alert Management System at the 2017 RegTech Awards. For a free demo, please contact