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Seizing Market Opportunities

At Trillium, we’re more than just a proprietary trading firm – we put our people first. We prioritize education, performance, and overall wellbeing to provide an environment where everyone can reach their highest potential.

What Sets Us Apart

With unparalleled technology, expert traders, and a steadfast operations team, we pride ourselves on thriving under any set of market conditions. While no two trading days are the same, our approach to fueling this success is unwavering.
Launching Trading Careers
We invest more in our training, technology, and culture than any other proprietary trading firm to ensure our people have long, successful careers.
Risking Our Capital, Never Yours
Our traders are never asked to ante up thousands of dollars for trading and don’t pay for any of the training they receive. New traders are paid a salary for their first two years.
Building Our Own Technology
Our trading technology is built entirely in-house to equip traders with the tools they need to be successful, even during volatile and fluctuating market conditions.

A 20-Year Track Record of Growth and Profitability

In the two decades since our founding, we’ve maintained steady growth and profitability through robust risk management and compliance frameworks, providing peace of mind that we are a proprietary trading firm built for the long term.

Our History

Trillium’s core management team pioneered the electronic trading industry, beginning their careers in the mid-1990s. For the past 20+ years, we’ve applied that experience to supporting new generations of traders.

A Commitment
from Leadership

Our leadership team is uniquely positioned to put you on a path to career success – not just because they’ve sat in your seat as traders and technologists, but also because they’re committed to the ideals of teamwork, mentorship, and leading by example.
About US

What We Do

Proprietary Trading

Come build a full-time career trading equities and options. From classroom crash courses to career-long support, we set you up for success at every step.

Proprietary Technology

Our dedicated team of skilled engineers is solely focused on creating and refining trading tools that empower our traders to make swift and decisive decisions.