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The Basics

Yes! We provide the same level of support to all of our traders, regardless of their location. This includes training, mentoring, education, and capital. Our offices are staffed with both experienced and emerging talent, as well as dedicated trainers and managers, ensuring that all traders have access to the best resources.

 Trading intern classes are designed for those between their junior and senior year of college and typically begin in mid-June.

 All trading classes, regardless of office, begin on the same day, usually in September.

 No. Our training classes are formed from a mix of recent college graduates, including some who were summer interns and others who are joining Trillium for the first time.

Yes. While some firms spread their resources between manual and automated trading, we focus our entire attention on developing proprietary cutting-edge technology for manual traders.  Being the best manual trading firm is Trillium’s industry niche.

No! We employ over 100 people in a wide range of roles, from technology to support to finance and more. Explore career opportunities to discover if Trillium is right for you.

Trading remotely is a privilege that is available for experienced traders on a case-by-case basis after years of being on the trading desk.


Yes! Trillium provides full funding for all traders, starting with mid-six-figure buying power after a trainee has been with the firm for only one week. Skilled and successful traders can regularly increase their trading limits based on their individual talent, performance, and development.

Trillium offers a starting two-year base salary compensation package that is designed to support traders as they progress through their careers. All traders start with the same base salary and bonus structure, providing a level playing field for everyone.

Yes. We have an employee handbook that outlines all of our policies and procedures. Trillium has a comprehensive HR department that provides all necessary services and support.


Yes. Trillium has partnered with several groups serving disadvantaged communities and we show continued support through donations, internships, mentoring, and more. Trillium cares!

Yes. In addition to an annual awards night, Trillium hosts happy hours, toasts, group outings, and other fun firm-wide events.