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The Path

Building Long and Lucrative Trading Careers

By investing heavily in our training, technology, and culture, we help new and aspiring traders become seasoned veterans.

The Trillium Path: Learn, Trade, Grow

Our commitment to your success empowers every level of our organization, from our incoming intern class to our most senior and highest-performing traders.

We’ve refined our educational process over the past 20 years to give you the best opportunity to learn how to trade at a high level, pursue your own trading strategies, and embark on a fulfilling career with Trillium.

We recognize that there are various paths to a successful career in proprietary trading. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to our traders, regardless of their background or experience, to equip them with all the resources they need. Read on to learn more.

The Internship

An Immersion into the World of Trading

Around half of our traders began as Trillium interns. Our paid summer interns receive extensive education in both equities trading and our proprietary tools, as well as mentorship from veteran traders.
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  • Rising college seniors with curiosity to learn and a desire to succeed, demonstrated through extracurricular activities, group projects, or academic achievement
  • Students with a competitive nature, an interest in trading (regardless of their major), and a desire to understand the financial markets on a deeper level
  • Students who want to assess whether a career in trading is right for them – a significant portion of each intern class goes on to work at Trillium full-time
  • Explore trading ideas and enhance existing trading strategies by analyzing market data and microstructure for patterns
  • Complete and present team projects that are essential to daily trading activities
  • Hear from senior executives, top traders, and expert trainers in classroom settings, while working closely with a dedicated senior mentor and team on individualized assignments
  • Visit NYSE and Nasdaq, plus enjoy golf outings, happy hours, and much more
  • A better understanding of the underlying mechanics of market moves, quantitative analysis, economics, and risk assessment
  • How to use the firm’s customizable technology, including market research tools and our proprietary trading platform
  • What it’s like to trade professionally, helping you define your path and lay a foundation for your future career

New Traders

A Practical Two-Year Curriculum to Fuel Your Trading Success

Most of our full-time traders start right out of college, many of whom have participated in our internship program. We seek top performers who are resourceful and entrepreneurial, with a passion for the markets and a desire to work in a team environment.
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  • Trade US equity markets as soon as your second week on the job, while continuously learning about our technology and tools. After your first year, you have the opportunity to expand to trading Canadian, OTC, and more
  • Look for market microstructure patterns to refine strategies, honing your communication and analytical skills in the process
  • Follow industry and market news, and collaborate daily with other traders to help drive performance across the firm
  • Work closely with an assigned trainer for one-on-one guidance, as well as your classmates and more senior traders for a collaborative trading experience
  • Start with daily classroom sessions on software, workflows, strategies, asset classes, and more
  • Attend periodic Continuing Education sessions to keep sharp on different financial instruments, new innovations, and the latest trends
  • Traders in their first two years at Trillium receive an annual salary (in addition to P&L-based bonuses), and we never ask anyone to put up their own money – only the firm’s capital is traded
  • Work for a firm that supports its team members in every way, from an in-house technology team to help you build useful tools, to a company culture that delivers memorable experiences both inside and outside the office
  • See what it’s like to work for an established market player in a dynamic team environment, with fellow newcomers as enthusiastic about the markets as you are and senior leadership eager to share their time and insights

Experienced Traders

Great Performance, Greater Control

As you advance in your trading career at Trillium, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your expertise, take on more responsibilities, and increase your earning potential. With this comes greater autonomy to navigate the markets and hone your own trading strategies – all while receiving continued support and guidance to keep you motivated and inspired to perform at your best.
Want to learn how some of our most successful traders have set themselves up for career success? Explore Trader Profiles.
  • With strong performance and a demonstrated history of judicious risk management, gain the freedom to take on larger positions and push your limits
  • Get more leeway to take advantage of unexpected market dynamics, heightened volatility, and the like to maximize your opportunity
  • Enjoy the discretion to trade any security or strategy you wish – as long as your performance remains strong, the choice is yours
  • Keep learning from top traders and hear strategic and technological success stories via Advanced Continuing Education sessions
  • Continue to lean on mentors and former classmates for help and advice – these relationships run deep, facilitating collaboration at every level
  • Start sharing your own time and insights with the incoming classes, empowering the next generation of Trillium traders
  • Leverage our Trader Meets program, which brings together members from various groups and offices to foster greater exposure and collaboration among both veteran and new traders
  • Work closely with our Trade Support and Technology teams to ensure our systems work optimally and you have the tools you need to enhance your strategies
  • Enjoy working for a firm that emphasizes the employee experience at all levels, with a wide range of social events, professional development, and more

Senior Traders

Career-Long Support with Limitless Possibilities

Many traders choose to spend their entire careers at Trillium. We grow together, learn together, and succeed together, cultivating strong relationships along the way. For those who really make an impact, potential perks can include remote work, leadership opportunities, and more.

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